Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dog First Aid?

Dog First Aid is the act of preserving life, preventing further injury and promoting the recovery of a dog.

What do I do and sell as a Dog First Aid franchisee?

As a Dog First Aid franchise owner you help people to help dogs by equipping your customers with the knowledge, skills, confidence and equipment to act in an emergency situation involving a dog.  The Dog First Aid systems and processes have been designed in a way that is easy to implement to help you run a profitable hearts and minds business.  Your toolkit of products and services to sell to your customers includes both physical and virtual courses and associated first aid equipment. 

So what would your average week look like?

Dealing with like minded dog lovers day in day out is an exciting prospect for our franchisees.  Everyone who has a dog knows other people who have dogs which creates a ripple effect for your business.  We recommend circa 20 hours a week on customer service, course promotion and administrative tasks plus at least 4 courses per month.  Courses are delivered in 4 hours or over 3 x 1.5 hour modules.  For physical courses, you need to allow time for equipment set up and set down. Courses are usually held on a weekday evening or at the weekend.

Who should become a Dog First Aid franchisee?
Only people with a passion for dogs and their welfare should apply to become a franchisee.  We would love to hear from you if you are an ambitious dog lover who is:

  • Passionate about dogs and their welfare
  • Keen to run your own business
  • Want variety in your work life
  • Able to work hard for yourself
  • Honest and reliable

And have good customer service skills too.

Some experience in a teaching environment would be advantageous but not essential as full training is provided.


Dog First Aid has over 50 years in-house veterinary experience and our franchisees benefit from unlimited support from veterinary professionals throughout their time with us.  You therefore do not need to be a veterinary professional to become a franchisee (just like you don’t need to be a doctor to teach human first aid).  All of our franchisees receive 1:1 training with a member of our in-house veterinary team. 

Why should I buy a franchise?

Franchise businesses help entrepreneurs to hit the ground running by letting them buy into an established brand with years of experience and a proven business model, systems and processes. Franchisees have unlimited ongoing support, full initial training provided for them and an amazing network of people who all want them to succeed. Plus the UK franchising sector rocks!

The British Franchise Association & NatWest Franchise Survey was published with record growth in numerous areas. It detailed that the total contribution of franchising to the UK economy is reckoned to be in excess of £17 billion, up over £2 billion since the previous stats in 2015. Furthermore, there has been a significant increase in the estimated overall number of people working in franchising, with over 700,000 people employed in the sector, with a little over half in full-time employment. There are an estimated 48,600 franchised units in the UK, the highest number ever and nearly two times more than 25 years ago, with the number of franchisees reckoned to be around 20,000. That’s because around a third of franchisees own and run multiple units.

Why buy a Dog First Aid franchise?

People love dogs.  They are man’s best friends.  We have years of industry experience, numerous awards under our belt, are listed as one of the top 100 UK franchises and keep dogs and their welfare at the heart of our business.  The UK pet industry is forecast to reach £2.1 billion in the UK by 2023 and there are over 9 million pet dogs alone here – the majority needing first aid at least once in their lives.

How much do I need to invest up front?

Your investment provides you with everything you needs to run your Dog First Aid businesses including a comprehensive training program, unlimited support, start-up stock, personalised stationery, branded clothing, electrical equipment and much more. The franchise fee including equipment package is £14995 + VAT.

You will need at least 25% as a deposit. NatWest Bank have preapproved funding (subject to individual circumstances) for our territories after they went through all of our documents with a fine-tooth comb. This means that they will put up 75% of the purchase price for you.

As with any new business venture you will need some working capital to cover advertising costs, networking expenses and admin overheads.

What do I get for my investment?

You purchase the rights to operate a Dog First Aid franchise using our intellectual property within a defined territory. This provides you with all of the systems and processes you need to implement to run your own business. You have unlimited telephone and email support from our experienced Head Office team, your own page on the main Dog First Aid website along with a dedicated territory email address as well as a press release to make sure the word is out that your business is launching. You also get support from our network of franchisees to share experience and success with in the secret exclusive social media group.

What ongoing fees and royalties are there?

There are 2 small monthly fees: The admin fee (8%) and the marketing levy (2%).

How long until I can run a course?

It roughly takes around 3 months for you to be set up and have completed all your training and got your head round the business systems and processes before you do your first course.

Can someone else train on the course for me?

Yes. Franchisees from other territories can cover your courses if they are available or you can get your own trainer to deliver courses. They too need to be fully trained by one of our veterinary professionals as one of your business expenses.

Is my area available?

Email Stefanie on and we will check for you.

Do you offer development opportunities?

Yes absolutely. If a franchisee has a training need, we ensure that they have the right options arranged for them.

How much money can I make?

It is very much dependant on how much work you put in.  As part of your application process we provide you with a break down of territory financials and a cashflow forecast so that you can pull together your own realistic projections.  

How do I get started?

In the first instance, email to book an eligibility call and we can then walk you through the next steps.

What continuing support do I get?

Our franchisee support is award winning. Franchisees all have excellent support enabling them to achieve business growth. You’ll receive dedicated, unlimited ongoing support from our Head Office team as well as unlimited support from our in-house veterinary team and the booking system software providers.

Will I have an exclusive territory?

You have your own large exclusive territory to work within. This means only you can operate and market a Dog First Aid Franchise Ltd within your chosen area. The size of your area means you have the opportunity to build a substantial business over the coming years.

Does Dog First Aid offer financing? / Can I get any financial help to pay for my franchise?

NatWest Bank have actually preapproved funding (subject to individual circumstances) for our territories after they went through all of our documents with a fine-tooth comb. This means that they will put up 75% of the purchase for you.

Can anyone become a Dog First Aid franchisee?

No. We are looking for hardworking, self-motivated individuals with a passion for dogs and the drive and determination to succeed. We only have room for 42 franchisees in the UK and nearly half of our territories are already sold.

Is the Dog First Aid course accredited?

Yes. It is accredited by CPD Standards and is also the only Trading Standards approved course on the market.

Do I have to achieve a minimum turnover?

Franchisees are required to meet the minimum Gross Annual Sales detailed below.
Year 1: £12000
Year 2: £24000
Year 3 onwards: £36000
Providing the guidelines are followed, these targets should be very achievable with many of our franchisees achieving year 3 minimums in the first year of their Franchise Agreement.

Can I speak to an existing franchise partner before going ahead with buying a franchise?

Yes. We would encourage you to speak with existing franchisees as part of your due diligence to get a feel for our business.

Is there a minimum number of courses I should do each month?

Yes. To ensure you have a viable business, we recommend all franchisees to hold a minimum of 4 courses a month

What are the next steps?

Complete the Request Info form and you will have made the first pawesome step in a journey to help people to save dogs lives whilst earning a good income at the same time.