Do You Love Dogs & Their Welfare?
Are You Ready To Own Your Own Business?
One of the Newest and Hottest Franchise Opportunities in the World!

Are You Ready For Your Own Franchise?

There are 900 MILLION dogs in the world! 9 MILLION of these are in the UK where Dog First Aid Franchise Ltd first started. In fact 26% of the UK population own a dog! – the majority needing FIRST AID more than once in their lives – They Need Your Help. Dog First Aid Franchise Ltd. teaches FIRST AID workshops to not only animal lovers but to small businesses that cater to our 4-legged friends.

The people of the UK spent 6 BILLION pounds on their pets last year. The US spent 70 BILLION pounds!

Businesses like dog trainers, dog walkers, dog boarders, search and rescue dog handlers, dog groomers and responsible dog owners alike all need the lifesaving, emergency skills the Dog First Aid Franchises provide with the exclusive CPD Accredited Emergency Canine Care Course.

DOG FIRST AID FRANCHISE LTD Is A Perfect Turn-Key Operation For You

Being a successful franchisee for Dog First Aid Franchise Ltd is one of the most rewarding roles ever.


Who Are We?

We’ve been operating Dog First Aid courses 2013 and we’ve trained thousands of dog business owners and dog owners across the UK.

Our course attendees and the small business people we work with are genuine animal lovers who are compassionate, willing to invest in themselves!


We Offer You …

  • A Proven Marketing and Business System
  • Flexible working hours
  • Exclusive Area
  • Unique Brand
  • Sustainable Margins
  • Extensive training with registered members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as part of a comprehensive in-house training package
  • Huge Job Satisfaction


If You’re …

  • Passionate about dogs
  • Keen to run your own business
  • Want variety in your work life
  • Able to work hard for yourself
  • Honest and reliable

And have good customer service skills … we’d love to hear from you!

I am absolutely loving my training with Dog First Aid! I’ve found it all very simple to follow and very informative with each piece of the puzzle coming together to support me and my business.  My favourite bit so far has to be the Webinars which have made me feel very emotional in parts.  I think it really hits home when you are listening to the Webinars and working through the workbooks that you are doing all of this training for you, and for your own business. As well as the how, the training gets you thinking about what you want to achieve and why and I feel very supportive. 
Best of all, I’ve felt really welcomed by all of the team and I know that I have made the best decision in choosing DFA for my future.  Yvonne Jones, Dog First Aid Merseyside

Are You Ready For Your Own Franchise?